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Engineering - Marujun Integrated System of Production

As the challenge to manufacture next-generation products has begun, Marujun’s molding technology, which maximizes the advantages of digital engineering, combines its technology with IT to develop its original design and analysis technologies.

Forming simulation

Prediction technology using forming simulation

By compiling a database of human knowledge and technologies, then combining it with advanced simulation technology, it has become possible to predict unforeseen product failures in advance through computer analysis.

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3D solid design


3D solid design (structure design) presents the shape itself in a 3D shape rather than drawing a conventional 2D design, thereby enabling us to recognize it as an object and ensuring die QCD at the design stage. In addition, this 3D solid design is utilized in the on-site die manufacturing, providing further great benefits.

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Non-contact measuring instruments


Analysis technology using non-contact measuring instruments

Subject dies/products are measured by a camera measuring instrument. The measurements are compiled into 3D data. It allows for instant comprehension of the whole picture, leading to early completion of die polishing.

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Super high tensile steel plate (high tensile material) forming technology


Automobile-related environment

Recently in the automobile industry, the development of environment-friendly fuel-efficient automobiles has been promoted. In order to achieve both light weight and auto body stiffness, the shift to super high-tensile steel plates is inevitable.

It is known to be more difficult to perform press work on the super high-tensile steel plate. Marujun has overcome this trait through Marujun original technological development by integrating IT long-held human knowledge and technologies, allowing for next-generation die manufacturing that corresponds to super high-tensile steel plate.

Artisanal skill

Marujun ensures the quality of mass production to respond to our customers’ trust, using advanced manufacturing technology and artisanal skills derived from training, along with IT technology.

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Thickening process technology

Conventionally, materials have been processed by hot forging and shaped by cutting all the parts. The thickening process partially thickens thin material, which eliminates the need for cutting the entire surface of the material, leading to shorter cutting time and significant cost reduction.


Thickening process

Based on the forming analysis, thickening technology has been established that thickens the product up to a maximum 2.5 times thicker than the material plate by cold press plate forming.

Patent Information
Title: Manufacturing method of thickening press parts Patent
No.: 4938715,5075713

Other measuring instruments

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